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Hey there! I'm Trecia and I'm a die hard fan of Coldplay . Ever since I was a child, I've been exposed to their songs and I grew fond of them. The first Coldplay song I heard was "Clocks" from their 2002 album, "A Rush Of Blood To The Head", ever since then, I've been a fan. In this article, I'll be discussing some of my favourite albums and top songs. Let me not keep you waiting and let's get into it.

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Top 5 Albums

I very much love all their albums. Its very difficult to chose which top 5 albums I love most, but I have tried. Here I my top 5 favourite Coldplay albums.

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5) Mylo Xyloto (2011)

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Mylo Xyloto is one of first Coldplay albums that I know, that unfortunately received a lot of negative feedback from the society. Irregardless, I loved it. Sure, it might not sound like the Coldplay who created X & Y and Viva La Vida, but it has some pretty uplifting songs, like Up With The Birds.

4) Viva La Vida (2002)

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Viva La Vida And Death And All His Friends is one of my favourite albums, ever! What I love about this album is: 1) Its album cover (I know its not relevant but I really love paintings!). 2) It is filled with happy songs, take for example: Strawberry Swing or Rainy Days and Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love (I love Japan so much, yay Coldplay!!!). What more could I ask for?

3) Ghost Stories (2014)

Ghost Stories was a turning point for Coldplay, as they introduced new musical elements and for Chris Martin, as he was was going through his divorce from his then-wife Gwyneth Paltrow. This album is about love, loss and moving on. Chris Martin (Lead singer) really expressed all his emotions and they reflected in this album. Talk about singing your story!

2) X & Y (2005)

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X & Y is the one album I always thought about when I was in Biology or in Maths class (You know, solve for X and Y). I mean like, come on, it gave us 1) Fix You, 2) The Hardest Part and lastly 3) Speed Of Sound. In my own opinion, I feel that X & Y gave us the best "well written songs" (FYI, all Coldplay songs are awesomely well written), but if you listen to X & Y, its like a story. I believe that this album was the peak to Coldplay's career!!!

1) Parachutes (2000)

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No matter which album I listen to, as much as I love every single Coldplay album out there, no album equites to Parachutes!!! Parachutes is just so good, it has a vibe that no other album has provided me. It is chilled, has an element of sadness, depression and loss, its really the ultimate Coldplay album. This was the first album I listened to and from then on, I just really loved it. Sure, Coldplay doesn't sound like they did back in the 2000s, but I lowkey really wish they would release a Parachutes 2, that would be awesome.

Top 5 songs

I honestly would say every single song by Coldplay is my favourite, I can't choose! "Nobody said it was easy" and I agree. Almost every song by Coldplay brings me joy and I can't say that there is one that I dislike. I tried my best picking out my favourite songs. Do enjoy.

5. Charlie Brown

This song has such an amazing, upbeat vibe to it. Strangely, every time I listen to Charlie Brown, I want to watch The Peanut Movie. This song is basically about being chilled, having friends, road trips and being free.

Mylo Xyloto album cover

4. Lovers In Japan

This song has an upbeat tune that gets me in the mood of happiness. Not only does it refer to my favourite country, but it is just enjoyable to listen to. I love the acoustic version so much. Just need to find a park, where there are lots of birds or nature and just tune in. Its beyond relaxing!

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3. X & Y

X & Y is just... amazing! Goosebumps have a way of finding me when I hear this song. It has an element, a hint of, should I say, sadness. I mean, if you understand the lyrics of this song, you'll get to understand that its about loving your friend in a romantic way, but can't risk to ruin the friendship. Just love it!

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2. Oceans

No words can express how much I love this song. The melody, guitar and vocals are quite enjoyable and captivating. Think about the ocean, its huge, vast and isolated. Imagine you were lost, in open sea, how can you be found? Echo Sounder ! The use of the "sonic pulse" sound in the song just illustrates being lost, alone and waiting to be found. I absolutely thank Coldplay for this song, its calming.

ghost stories album cover

1. Don't Panic

All I'm going to say is: just go outside, listen out for the birds, smell the flowers, look at the sky, smell the air, find comfort in nature, in Mother Earth. Appreciate the Earth and those you love. One more thing, don't panic!

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Streaming Online

Well, there you have it, all my thoughts about Coldplay and their music. I'm really happy that I got to be born in this century and time. What would my world be without them.

If you want to hear more Coldplay, find them here!!